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Admission Process

Candidates applying for the Spanish MA program must demonstrate mastery in the areas of oral and written proficiency. They must provide evidence of being familiar with literary analysis and advanced grammatical concepts in Spanish. A total of 9 advanced undergraduate credit hours in Spanish are required as pre-requisites. In order to fulfill these credits at UNT, the following courses are required:

Undergradute Requirements

  1. Required: Span 3110: Introduction to Hispanic Literature (3 credit hours)
  2. Choose any Latin American or Spanish Literature survey course from the following: Span 4310, 4320, 4360 or 4370 (3 credit hours)
  3. Choose one (3 credit hours):
  • Highly recommended: Span 3003, 4210, 4250 or 4260
  • Any upper division Spanish course at the 3000 or 4000 level (including a second course from category #2 above)
  • Any 4000-level course in a related field such as education, history, linguistics, critical theory, etc.

Equivalent courses taken at other accredited undergraduate Spanish programs nationally or internationally will also be accepted.

Students must have earned an overall GPA of 3.0 and a 3.0 or higher in Spanish. In certain cases exceptions may be made. Students not meeting the criteria may make a case for themselves by explaining in their cover letter any extenuating circumstances. If approved by the Spanish graduate faculty, they may be admitted into the program under the provision of earning a B or better during their first 12 credit hours in the Masters program. The GRE is not necessary. The following are the steps for admission:

Graduate Admission Requirements

  1. Apply to and be accepted into the UNT Toulouse Graduate School ( Deadlines: October 15 for the following Spring enrollment; April 15 for the following Summer enrollment; June 15 for the following Fall enrollment.
  3. At the same time that you apply to the UNT Toulouse Graduate School, prepare to send the following materials to Dr. Jiyoung Yoon ( Be advised that the Department of Spanish conducts a holistic evaluation process with the materials you send. The ultimate admissions into the program requires departmental approval:
  • Cover letter stating your reasons for applying to the UNT Spanish MA program. State if you are planning on attending full or part time. State if you are interesting in a position as a Teaching Assistant in Spanish (must be enrolled full time in the Spanish graduate program and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better). At the end of your cover letter, please include the name, title, institutional affiliation, email, and work phone numbers of 3 professional references.
  • The list of the three professional references should be of - former professors, supervisors or professional, educational-related associates - with complete contact information: full name, telephone number, email and work address. We will contact these references if and when necessary.
  • Curriculum vitae (a resumé of your studies and employment related to your plan of study).
  • Research paper in Spanish: well-organized, 4-6 pages double-spaced, 12 points, Times New Roman with a bibliography following the Modern Language Association standards.
  • Audio file of applicant's spoken Spanish (speak 3-5 minutes on any subject).

All five items above will be saved as separate files (example: STUDENT NAME. CoverLetter, STUDENT, STUDENT NAME.ResearchPaper, STUDENT and emailed in ONE message to

Once accepted, students may apply for a limited number of Teaching Assistantships (TAs) to help cover costs, though this will require full-time status (9 hours of classes per semester).

To apply to FAFSA (Federal Student Aid Program), go to: To verify your student aid status after applying, please go to: Email: or call at 940-565-2302.

Graduate students in good standing (earning a B or better GPA) from UNT or any other accredited university may take Spanish Graduate courses as part of their electives options. No need to apply for admission. However, approval prior to registration from the professor teaching the graduate course is required. Students must possess native or near native fluency in reading, speaking, and writing in Spanish. The interested student should make a case for themselves either in person or via email with the relevant Spanish professor. Said professor will subsequently inform the Spanish Graduate Advisor of enrollment.