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The Department of Spanish offers many ways to test and earn credit, declare proficiency, waive world language requirements, or fulfill world language requirements in a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. Please see the brief descriptions below and detailed information at the links to the left to learn more about the types of testing we offer and which might serve your needs best.

Placement Testing

NOTE: Click here for placement test details and registration information.

We offer placement tests in order for students to either earn credit or demonstrate proficiency in the courses we offer at the University of North Texas. Taking the test gives you the opportunity to enroll in a class above the 1010 (first semester, elementary) level. Students who do not take a placement test or do not have transfer credit in a language class must enroll in 1010.

Proficiency Testing

We recognize that many students at the university speak languages other than those we teach. We cannot offer credit in those languages, but many academic programs will allow students to demonstrate proficiency in order to fulfill their language requirement. We do not verify the requirements of other programs, but we can connect you with resources to be tested in the language you speak, so you may have your requirement waived with your advisor's consent.

If you wish to demonstrate your knowledge of a language with the proficiency testing option, you will be required to take a test to determine your level of proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Because all testers are volunteers, we can make no guarantees about their availability to administer tests. Testers may charge a fee at their discretion for administering the test. Students should plan to be tested early in their academic careers, so that they are certain to fulfill any language requirements prior to applying for graduation.

Please see our full list of available languages by clicking here.

Graduate Students - Translation Exam, Waivers, & Other Options

NOTE: Click here for the Spanish graduate translation exam details and testing dates.

For graduate students who are seeking to fulfill their language requirement, we offer a shortcut. You may take a reading and translation exam in your subject area in the target language after showing proficiency in the first year of a language, rather than taking all four semesters of a course. There are multiple additional ways for graduate students to satisfy the language requirement, detailed in the link to the left.