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Student Issues


When a student has class-related issues with her/his instructor (e.g. appeal a grade, disagreement about attendance record, interpretation of a class assignment, assigned grades, etc.), she/he should follow these steps to reach a resolution:

A. The student should consult with the instructor to attempt to resolve the issue.

B. If the issue is not resolved to the student's satisfaction, then she/he should follow the UNT Grade Appeals policy ( According to UNT policy 06.040 a student may appeal a grade when the student believes the:

  1. grade was based on unfair treatment;
  2. instructor departed from standards set out in the course syllabus without a rational academic reason; or
  3. an error was made in calculating the grade, including failure to factor an assignment, project, quiz, or examination.

If the student believes that the grade was assigned due to discrimination or sexual harassment, the student must report this belief to the Office of Equal Opportunity. That allegation must be resolved through the UNT Resolution Procedures for Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment, or Retaliation, before the appeal can proceed. Change of a grade due to violations of academic integrity cannot be appealed through this process.

C. After consultation with the instructor, the student must initiate a grade appeal in writing, based on at least one of the three grounds mentioned above, to the Spanish Department Chair within five weeks (35 calendar days) of the date the grade was officially posted in the university system. If the department chair determines that the appeal is not based on one of the three criteria, the department chair shall dismiss the appeal, and the matter will be resolved.

If the department chair determines that the appeal is based on at least one of the three grounds mentioned above, the department chair shall provide the instructor with a copy of the written appeal within three (3) calendar days of its receipt.

The department chair may consult with the instructor and student to resolve the appeal. If the department chair is unable to resolve the appeal in consultation with the student and instructor, the department chair must forward the appeal to a faculty
committee within seven (7) calendar days of its receipt.

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(Updated August 2023)