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Major in Spanish

All students declaring a Spanish major in Fall 2021 and afterwards will fulfill the following requirements for a minimum of 36-39 hours of courses in Spanish:

A. 9-12 hours of language courses:

  • SPAN 1010 - Elementary Spanish I
  • SPAN 1020 - Elementary Spanish II

OR SPAN 1030 - Review of Elementary Spanish (Spanish 1010 and Spanish 1020 in one semester, an option for students with 2 years of high school Spanish, for 3 credit hours)

  • SPAN 2040 - Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPAN 2050 - Intermediate Spanish II

Placement or credit by examination may be used to satisfy: SPAN 1010, SPAN 1020, SPAN 2040, and SPAN 2050

B. 9 hours of gateway courses

  • SPAN 3001 - Advanced Conversation for Non-Native Speakers of Spanish OR
  • SPAN 3002 - Advanced Conversation for Native Speakers of Spanish
  • SPAN 3003 - Advanced Spanish Grammar
  • SPAN 3004 - Advanced Spanish Composition

IMPORTANT: Students who declared a Spanish major before fall 2018 will need to take only 6 hours of gateway courses. Spanish 3060 and Spanish 3090 will count as gateway courses.

C. 3 hours of:

  • SPAN 3110 - Introduction to Hispanic Literature (pre-requisite: at least 6 hours of above gateway courses). This course is a pre-requisite for all 4000-level literature courses in Spanish.

D. 3 hours of a 3000-level Hispanic culture course:

  • SPAN 3140 - Mexican Culture and Civilization
  • SPAN 3150 - Spanish Culture and Civilization
  • SPAN 3160 - Latin American Culture and Civilization
  • SPAN 3180 Latin American Culture through Film

E. 3 hours of a 4000-level Hispanic literature survey course:

  • SPAN 4310 - Survey of Spanish Literature
  • SPAN 4320 - Survey of Spanish Literature
  • SPAN 4360 - Survey of Spanish-American Literature
  • SPAN 4370 - Survey of Spanish-American Literature

F. 9 hours of electives at the 3000/4000 level of which at least 6 hours must be at the 4000 level

Marketable Skills

Marketable skills for this degree include interpersonal, cognitive, and applied skill areas that are valued by employers and are primary or complementary to the major. The marketable skills goal was designed to help students articulate their skills to employers. UNT's marketable skills were faculty-developed and approved by employers or discipline-specific agencies, e.g., internship providers, chambers of commerce, workforce development boards, and other workforce-related entities. For information on these marketable skills:

For more information about our major in Spanish, contat:

Dr. Emily Thurman

Spanish Undergraduate Advisor

Office: LANG 106A