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How Spanish Can Help You in Today's World

With over 400 million speakers in more than twenty countries, Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world rivaled only by English and Mandarin Chinese. In the U.S. there are 41 million native speakers of Spanish, and 11 million people speak it as a second language. No doubt it is the fastest-growing language in this country. Daily use of Spanish is so common in the U.S. - at stores, at restaurants, at work, on television, on the radio, on the streets, etc. - that most Americans take it for granted. In the state of Texas with its dynamic Hispanic population, there are over 6 million speakers of Spanish, and growing. No doubt, knowing English and Spanish will give anyone a clear edge in today's work world.

UNT offers a major and minor in Spanish. At the basic and intermediate levels students master all Spanish language skills through oral and written practice as well as online activities. Advanced students take prerequisite classes before choosing from a variety of courses in literature, culture, professions, civilization and cinema to fulfill requirements and electives.

UNT Spanish graduates have gone on to become secondary school teachers and work in various businesses, as well as continue on to graduate school, among other professions. Many UNT students also do a double major in Spanish and another field - such as business, music, biology and journalism, for example - since they are well aware that NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, SPANISH WILL HELP YOU!

In today's globalized marketplace and workforce 5 marketable skills acquired by studying a Spanish B.A. are:

  1. Ability to understand, interpret and transmit information accurately, succinctly and tactfully across linguistic and cultural barriers
  2. Deeper understanding of and sensitivity to other cultural norms and practices
  3. Excellent communication and cognitive skills and attention to detail and sharpened observational skills
  4. Presentational, interpretative, teamwork and problem-solving skills
  5. Prepares students for careers in education, translation, diplomacy, different kinds of businesses, graduate studies in Spanish, etc.

In today's globalized marketplace and workforce 5 marketable skills acquired by studying a Spanish M.A. are:

  1. Prepares innovative leaders for the global workforce through critical and creative thinking and collaboration
  2. Sharpens students' writing and speaking abilities, not only in Spanish but in the student's native language as well, which is crucial to all industries and organizations in Texas, the region and beyond
  3. Prepares students to conduct academic research and produce scholarship
  4. Prepares students for careers in secondary and higher education
  5. Increases students' earning power, employability, adaptability and networking capabilities in the U.S. and worldwide in careers related to education, business, diplomacy, the arts, and many other fields.