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Accelerated Courses

Accelerated courses are courses which are set up so that you can take 2040 and 2050 in the same semester.

Payment/Refund Deadlines

Even though accelerated courses have dates different from many of the courses on the schedule of classes, the payment deadlines are the same as they are for regular courses. Don't forget that when you're taking an accelerated course, you're enrolled in 6 hours instead of 3, so you will be responsible for 2 courses' worth of tuition. Also, keep in mind that if you decide to withdraw from the second half of an accelerated course mid-semester, you will not be eligible to receive any refund as the deadline will have already passed at that point.

Drop/Withdraw Deadlines

As with payment deadlines above, even though the second half of your accelerated course may not start until later in the semester, you are subject to the same drop/withdraw deadlines as for all regular courses. If you think you may want to drop or withdraw, make sure to be aware of those deadlines and the repercussions for each choice - whether you can get a refund, change into a different class, how it will affect your GPA and hours attempted.

What if I fail the first part? (2040)

If you fail (or withdraw from) the first half of an accelerated course (2040), you cannot proceed to take the second half. You will be dropped from the second half and given a W. The undergraduate catalog requirements make it very clear that you cannot progress to 2050 without a passing grade in 2040 or its equivalent. If you have any doubts about what this means, please contact the department office. This is a risk that you take when enrolling in an accelerated course.

What if I want to drop the second part? (2050)

As long as you are still within the established withdrawal deadlines (please see the schedule of classes online for those dates), you may withdraw from the second half (2050) of an accelerated course. You can still receive credit for the first part of the course as long as you earned a passing grade and completed all of the assignments.

Why can't I just take one half of an accelerated course?

There are several reasons. First, the courses are designed for those students who wish to complete two intermediate courses in one semester, and because they are so fast-paced, it is important for the same group to proceed together throughout. Second, because the classes are taught together, there isn't necessarily a clear-cut mark when the first class ends and the second class begins. Because the curriculum is combined, an instructor might choose to cover some 2040 and 2050 vocabulary together, for example, and students who enrolled only in the 2050 "half" would miss that information.

Accelerated courses are a commitment, and they're not for everyone. We have had a lot of students report that accelerated courses were a great experience, and that immersion in the language helped them to learn quickly. Please be sure you are aware of the risks you are taking when you enroll and what will be required of you. If you have any further questions, contact the department main office.

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